Painstaking assembly required

We bought a recumbent exercise bike online, which we had to assemble ourselves, and it turned out to be quite the test of our cooperation skills and ability to follow directions. See picture below for why:


However, as we kept reminding ourselves during assembly, we only had to do it once and never again! And now we have a  perfectly functioning exercise bike that is easy to use while watching TV or playing games. So, overall a great purchase and we’re both enjoying it quite a bit!

Last Saturday, I went to a baby shower for my friend Kendi. She’s having a boy, and the theme was “little man” so everything was decorated in bow ties and was generally pretty adorable.

Also this week we tried our hand at frying fish and shrimp. Both turned out fairly successful! The cod tasted delicious but needed better texture. The shrimp was the exact opposite–great texture, but a little on the bland side.

20150213_020638805_iOS 20150213_020647714_iOS

I also recently decided I wanted to learn how to make good animated gifs. My first attempt is below, using a vacation video and Photoshop. If you watch it too long, you may get dizzy….I do!

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  1. Mary

    I’m almost certain that I lack the patience to even attempt putting that together (and especially not without crying), so Bravo! 🙂

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