Family visit!

20151007_170910584_iOSSean’s parents made the drive from Maryland to Colorado last week to visit us and see the sights in Colorado, and we had so much fun showing them around and sharing some of our favorite places with them. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see The Martian and have dinner. We took a day to drive through the mountains, first stopping at Red Rocks Amphitheater, then to Mount Falcon Park. We lucked out with weather; it was a beautiful clear day so the sights were gorgeous. We took a bit of a detour trying to find lunch, and we ended up going all the way to Fairplay and then taking highway 9 up to Breckenridge. We had no idea that that road got as high as 11,541 ft above sea level, so when we realized we were at the tree line we were surprised! But the views were amazing! We stopped in Breckenridge to take pictures of the aspens (which were painted blue for some art project), and drove around Georgetown on the way home as well. Sean’s parents, who live near sea level in Maryland, were really feeling the altitude that day.

While I was at work the other days, Sean took them around shopping at places like The Fancy Tiger and the Celestial Seasonings Tea Shoppe (we love getting tea from there because there’s so many more flavors than the grocery stores carry, and I think they are fresher, too!) and in the evenings we took them to some of our favorite restaurants. We had Italian at Chianti and BBQ at Jabo’s and celebrated Sean’s birthday. I think we succeeded in making them want to come back again!

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  1. Annette

    Thank you for such a wonderful visit. You’re right, we definitely want to come back!

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