We’re moving to Oregon!

Next month, we’re going to be loading up a moving truck and driving to our new home in Oregon! As some of my friends and family know, ever since we first started visiting the state back in 2013, we have wanted to live there. It took a while for the right circumstances and opportunity to come along, but we are finally able to make it happen!

Last month, we traveled out there to look for apartments. We settled on one in Hillsboro, a western suburb of Portland. We’ll be 12 miles from downtown, close to a light rail station, and a 1.5-hour drive to the coast. We think it will be a good starting-out spot, from which we can explore the area and figure out where we might want to settle long-term.

Because our 2nd anniversary fell on the dates of that trip, we took a day to see two of Portland’s gardens: the Rhododendron Garden and the Japanese Garden. Both of them were stunningly beautiful and we came at the right time of year when all the flowers were blossoming. The pictures in this post are all from the gardens.

The next several weeks are going to be hard work with packing and moving, but we have a lot of fun things planned for this fall, and we are excited to get to explore the West Coast in the coming years.

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From Hillsboro, Oregon.

Loves pizza, travelling, books, movies, and video games (especially that one with portals).

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  1. Stephanie Cristaldo

    I am excited for you to have a new adventure! Can’t wait to see more posts and lots of pictures. I’ll miss you my friend!

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