Sunny beach day

This past weekend, the weather for the Portland metro area was in the 90s, and we decided it would be a good time to go to the coast. We chose Cannon Beach because I’d always heard great things about it but had never been. I’m glad we arrived in the morning, because by the time we left the beach in early afternoon, it had gotten quite crowded, both on the beach and in the town, and parking was hard to come by.

The beach was beautiful, though, and I could see why it is such a popular place. Fine sand, huge rocks, colorful tide pools. The Pacific Ocean is cold here, so I saw only a few people venture out beyond ankle-deep, aside from the surfers in wet suits. Walking in the water was wonderful, and I probably walked 2 miles along the shore, up to Haystack Rock and back. Many people had tents or big beach umbrellas and chairs, which I think we will want to bring next time. I’m hoping that we can make an overnight trip sometime soon and get to explore Cannon Beach further. But with it being only an hour and twenty minute drive, day trips work just as well!


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