Discovering local parks

One of the reasons we love Oregon so much is all the abundant greenery that is here. In Denver, we usually had to travel outside the city to smell fresh mountain air and feel a part of nature, but in Portland, there are forested parks scattered throughout the city that we can quickly get away to. In our own neighborhood, we like Noble Woods Park and Orchard Park, and a bit further away is Portland’s sprawling Forest Park, of which we have only scratched the surface, the one day we hiked there. I especially enjoyed the small area of old-growth Douglas Firs in the bird sanctuary. I love the Douglas Firs in Oregon, and some of them can reach ancient ages (though those are rare now, due to logging). Those towering trees were the most striking thing about Oregon to me the first time we visited here.

The tricky part is to remind yourself to step out the door and actually go enjoy these places. I want to make visiting these parks a daily or at least weekly habit. It feels so good for the soul 🙂


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