Return to Manzanita

This past week, we’ve been having a major heat wave in Portland with temperatures over 100 degrees. So we have been hiding indoors, mainly either at home or at the library. So on Saturday, with the coast only reaching the low 60s, we headed out of town. We went back to the area we vacationed at in 2013 for Sean’s 30th birthday: Manzanita. That was our first ever visit to Oregon, and it was then that we realized we wanted to live here.

We started out at Oswald West State Park, just North of Manzanita. From parking lots on Highway 101, you can take a 15-minute hike through a dense and beautiful forest down to a beach called Smuggler Cove. It’s a fairly large beach surrounded by rock walls and forest that jut out into the ocean, with consistent waves that make it popular for surfers. On one end of the beach is a small waterfall and tide pools that are accessible when the tide is low. So far, this is the most scenic beach I’ve been to, and will probably be a place I return to over and over again.

After spending several hours at Smuggler Cove, we drove into the town of Manzanita to have lunch at a seafood cafe. Afterwards, we grabbed our new beach gear–2 chairs and a 7-foot umbrella–and relaxed on the gigantic beach of Manzanita. The sun had come out by then, making everything really bright and surprisingly warm. We were very proud of ourselves for having our little beach umbrella, but we both still managed to get sunburned. When I’m at the beach, I can’t resist wading in the water and walking long distances. By late afternoon when we needed to leave, I still wasn’t ready to go. I think I need to spend a week there. How is it possible that the ocean breezes can feel and smell so good?


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