Back to Norway for Ina & Harald’s wedding!

What a whirlwind week this was! I didn’t think I would get to return to Norway so soon after our last trip, but when we got the invite to Harald & Ina’s wedding, along with the offer to be able to stay with their family again, we decided we needed to make this happen! We went for just a short week and stayed in one place, Bergen, rather than going everywhere like we did last time. Even though I would not recommend traveling to a location with a 9-hour time difference for so short of time (I never got over the jet lag!), it was worth it.

The day after we arrived, we helped them set up the reception venue, which was the lobby of Ina’s father’s workplace. it had a beautiful view of the harbor that I couldn’t pull my eyes away from. The four of us friends from the U.S. (Me, Sean, Mary and Alan), along with Ina’s maid of honor Henriette, set the tables and folded plenty of napkins and programs. We were there for six hours with a pizza break in between. It was actually a really fun day.

The wedding was at Slettebakken church the next day, which we had been to the last time we visited. The ceremony was in Norwegian and the recessional was the Star Wars theme on organ and trumpet 🙂  We had some free time until the evening reception, so Mary, Alan, Sean and I went downtown and took the funicular to the top of Mt. Floyen, and then had a great dinner at Zupperia. At the reception, there were several long speeches, most of them in Norwegian, 20 or 30 different cakes, dancing, and even some singing from Harald’s musically-talented family members. I don’t think we got home until 2:00 a.m!

Since Ina and Harald have lived or studied in both Denver and London, there were a few of us friends from each location who were there for the wedding, and they planned a fun day for us in which we got to have lunch on top of Ulriken, do an escape room, and have dinner at Ina’s parents house. It was my first time doing an escape room and I loved it! Our group of six made it out in time with 15 minutes to spare, while the other six were just a second too late (they were given a much tougher room where only 10% make it out within the hour). Another highlight was getting to see parasailers jump off of Ulriken while we were in a cable car at the same height!

Our last full day in Norway was more relaxed. Sean and I spent the first half of the day downtown. We toured the Hanseatic Museum and the Aquarium. I bought Christmas ornaments and a Norwegian-knit winter cap. We met back at Harald’s mother’s house, where we were staying this trip, for dinner and leftover wedding cake. Harald and Ina cut the traditional kransekake blindfolded to see how many children they were going to have (7) because they didn’t get around to it at the wedding.

We were sad to have to leave Norway so soon, especially since there is so much more we want to see! Everyone we met were great people that I wish I had more time to get to know. Harald’s mother, Hildegun, was a wonderful host to us again, despite her self-deprecating jokes to the contrary 😉  I’m already looking forward to seeing these people again, whenever or wherever that may be!


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