Visiting friends in Cleveland!

When my friend Loren asked me if I wanted to come to Cleveland to see The Book of Mormon with her, it wasn’t long before I was booking plane tickets! She and her husband Adam had moved back to her home state of Ohio with their toddler Maggie half a year before we moved to Oregon, so I was excited to see all of them again.

I flew up for the weekend, and we planned a bunch of fun things to do. First was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in downtown Cleveland. The best parts were the exhibits of famous performers’ stage costumes. They had Michael Jackson, David Bowie, The Supremes, Elvis, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and so many more. After lunch, we headed down to Cleveland’s Playhouse Square for our show at the State Theater. I had seen The Book of Mormon once before when it came to Denver, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this performance was far better! The acting, dancing, and singing seemed to be dialed up a notch and it made such a difference! We were both thoroughly impressed.

Ever since I saw the episode of the Travel Channel’s show, Bert the Conqueror, where he goes to Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio, I have wanted to go there. Having never been to a large amusement park or even ridden on a proper roller coaster before, I figured it was about time I change that! Loren, Adam and I spent most of Sunday at Cedar Point, and it was so much fun! It was a bit of baptism by fire for me though, in that the first thing we did was go on Raptor, a very fast and twisty coaster that turns you upside down 6 times! It was way rougher than it looks! I had to wait a couple hours before I was ready for more motion. Adam was the brave one who went on every crazy ride that he could, which was easy to do because there were almost no lines! I liked the tall rides that gave us views of the whole park with Lake Erie in the background. I think I would like to come back and try more of the daring coasters that I chickened out of this first time.


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