Holiday lights, making gifts, and hiking in December

This December has been a fun and eventful one! My brother and his wife welcomed their second child, Jackson, into the family, just in time for me to get to meet him at Christmas! I will share my photos from our week in North Dakota in a following post.

Now that my Christmas gifts have all been delivered, I can share what I made! Each of the women in our families received a set of four hand-painted thank-you note cards and one hand-painted wine glass with constellations and stars. The note cards were done with watercolors for the backgrounds and a Micron ink pen for the lettering. Those were quite fun to make once I got into the groove of it. The wine glasses were a bit more difficult, as painting intricate details on curved clear glass is hard on the eyes! I used an acrylic enamel paint for glass that you bake in the oven to set, and used pictures of real constellations for guidance.


We have been pleasantly surprised that the climate here in the PNW allows for hiking all the way through December. I am hoping that holds true for the next few months as well! Though the trees have lost their leaves, there is still plenty of greenery left on our forest walks, in ferns, moss, firs and cedar trees.

We got to enjoy a couple of Christmas events here in Oregon. The first was a tree lighting ceremony in downtown Hillsboro. The other was the Festival of Lights at The Grotto, where they had the outdoor gardens decorated with Christmas lights and choir concerts in a chapel. Following the Festival of Lights, we had a nice dinner at a seafood place called Salty’s on the Columbia. It had beautiful views of the river and I had a delicious lobster tail. Apparently on certain days in December, there is a boat parade on the river with Christmas light displays, which we missed this year. We’ll have to make sure to catch that next year!


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