Christmas in North Dakota

In the year and a half since I’ve been back to North Dakota, so much has changed! My parents built a new house, My sister moved to a farm on a lake, and my brother had another baby! Our week there this Christmas flew by, filled with lots of people, food, gifts, and sub-zero temperatures!

My new nephew, Jackson, was only a week and a half old when we arrived. He was continuously being held by someone at every family gathering. He even played baby Jesus in the Christmas Eve program at church! His big sister, Everly, was the life of the party. She loves to scream, run, and be spun in the air by Kyle until she’s dizzy. My other nephew, Rhett, is three and a half years old with boundless energy. My dad currently has Rhett believing that he can start the gas fireplace by blowing on it really hard 😉

This was Sean’s first North Dakota winter, and North Dakota delivered! The temps ranged between -30 and 0 degrees for most of the week. One morning we did cold weather science experiments, such as tossing boiling water into the air to watch it turn into a cloud and blowing bubbles to watch them crystallize in midair. On Christmas Day, there were incredible sun dogs in the sky (something that happens on very cold winter days), and Sean got some great pictures (see the last picture on this post).

We spent one day in Fargo visiting friends. I spent the morning with my college friend Sarah and her kids (and Sandy’s Donuts!) and the afternoon with Mary and her dog Frankie. She gave me chippers from Whitman’s, which I devoured within 24 hours.

I got to see Kari’s new farm on the lake, which is in a beautiful area. We were originally planning to go ice fishing there, but it was too cold to enjoy even that, especially with several of us having caught a cold that week. So we ate tacos, I played with Rhett and the others played Phase 10. Poor Jeremiah had to work outdoors everyday with the cattle, with his beard crusted over in ice!

I was so happy to eat good lefse again, along with other Norwegian treats like kransekake, krumkake, flatbrød and rosettes. We also had prime rib, baked ham, mashed potatoes and stuffing 😀

I got lots of new art supplies that I can’t wait to use. Sean got lots of documentaries on various wars, so I suppose we have a sobering year of entertainment ahead. I think I was most surprised by how well our travel went. Flights were on time, and no winter storms got in the way of our drives to Fargo and back. I already can’t wait for my next trip to North Dakota, whenever that may be!


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