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Name: Marie Funseth
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From Hillsboro, Oregon. Loves pizza, travelling, books, movies, and video games (especially that one with portals).

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First time in Vegas!

I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas, but had never taken the opportunity to actually go until now. A couple weeks after Christmas, Sean and I flew down for a short weekend trip. We stayed at New York, New York and took in the highlights. We went downtown to Fremont Street to do the …

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Christmas in North Dakota

In the year and a half since I’ve been back to North Dakota, so much has changed! My parents built a new house, My sister moved to a farm on a lake, and my brother had another baby! Our week there this Christmas flew by, filled with lots of people, food, gifts, and sub-zero temperatures! …

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Holiday lights, making gifts, and hiking in December

This December has been a fun and eventful one! My brother and his wife welcomed their second child, Jackson, into the family, just in time for me to get to meet him at Christmas! I will share my photos from our week in North Dakota in a following post. Now that my Christmas gifts have …

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Thanksgiving in Seattle

My aunt and uncle Dawn and Brian invited us to their house for Thanksgiving this year. They live in Redmond, WA, just outside of Seattle. I had never actually been to their house or to Seattle before, so I was definitely excited to go! It’s a 4 hour drive from where we live, so we …

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Our life in Portland so far

Since moving to the Portland area this summer, we’ve started exploring our neighborhood and the coast, attending local events, and figuring out what our new normal is. I’ve only scratched the surface of everything I want to try and do here, but these are some of the things I’ve been up to: Forest hikes in …

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Visiting friends in Cleveland!

When my friend Loren asked me if I wanted to come to Cleveland to see The Book of Mormon with her, it wasn’t long before I was booking plane tickets! She and her husband Adam had moved back to her home state of Ohio with their toddler Maggie half a year before we moved to …

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Back to Norway for Ina & Harald’s wedding!

What a whirlwind week this was! I didn’t think I would get to return to Norway so soon after our last trip, but when we got the invite to Harald & Ina’s wedding, along with the offer to be able to stay with their family again, we decided we needed to make this happen! We …

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Viewing the total solar eclipse

Since the path of totality for the solar eclipse started only an hour’s drive south of where we now live, we decided we had to go see it. Weeks before the event, predictions about the amount of people coming into Oregon were scary: the roads would be overwhelmed, cell service might go down, as well …

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Return to Manzanita

This past week, we’ve been having a major heat wave in Portland with temperatures over 100 degrees. So we have been hiding indoors, mainly either at home or at the library. So on Saturday, with the coast only reaching the low 60s, we headed out of town.¬†We went back to the area we vacationed at …

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Discovering local parks

One of the reasons we love Oregon so much is all the abundant greenery that is here. In Denver, we usually had to travel outside the city to smell fresh mountain air and feel a part of nature, but in Portland, there are forested parks scattered throughout the city that we can quickly get away …

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